Originally I envisioned the name of the blog to be a paradox. I’d always told people I didn’t want to create a blog – but when e-mail failed, Facebook threads failed and forums failed – I decided that a Web log just might work. Plus I don’t trust Facebook, and I’d rather have control over the pictures, notes and so on that I post rather than giving them over…

My website had always been referred to as being in version alpha, since I spent so much time working on Stuffopolis.net and other things that I never had time to finish it. Combining that with this being my first Blog I decided to call it ‘Blog Alpha.’ On making the top bar, however, I wanted to fit the name into 4 letters – so I shortened it to ‘Log Alpha’ (using the Greek character ‘alpha,’ of course). I quite liked that, especially since as a mathematics student I could understand the logarithmic significance. LogAlpha.com though was taken.

So I thought about it some more and the idea of a Paradox resurfaced – and I decided, what about ParadoxAlpha? Talking it over with a friend, he especially liked the shortform: DoxAlpha. Both were available – so I got them both, ParadoxAlpha.com and DoxAlpha.com. Paradox Alpha, as in the first paradox, has something to do with this blog – ie. Why do we exist? Since God is all good, why would he create beings that can do evil? What is the purpose of life? The Doxa domain, which is approximately what Dox alpha comes out to when you render it in English characters, has some interesting ancient Greek implications of Biblical proportions about belief, glory and since it is alpha, it can refer to the first of these – potentially both first in time and first in preeminence. None of that was by my design (or my friend’s I suspect) but it all works together quite well and in quite potentially interesting ways.

In my mind as well, is two paradoxes I’d mentioned to friends and these are them:

Note on Matthew 16:25: The Central paradox of Christian living is that in grasping for temporal things, we lose the eternal; but in sacrificing everything in this world, we gain eternal riches that are unimaginable (1Co 2:9). {OSB)

“It is hard to be a Christian–it is not hard, it is impossible. No one can knowingly accept a way of life which, the more truly it is lived, leads the more surely to one’s own destruction. And that is why we constantly rebel, try to make life easier, try to be half-Christian, try to make the best of both worlds. We must ultimately choose–our felicity lies in one world or the other, not in both.” – Fr. Seraphim Rose

So far now, the name of this Web Log/Blog/Log etc.. is Paradox Alpha – with the tag line of that classic Socratic paradox “I know that I know nothing at all” – which recently, for me at least, has become true. And knowing that I know nothing, the fact I still want to say something and hence created this site – I definitely add to that paradox there…


6 Responses to About

  1. Nicole says:

    Dear Peter,
    Your quote resonates with me: I know I know nothing at all. Especially since becoming an Orthodox Christian over 3 years ago at an advanced age. I am grateful more than I can say. Thank you so much for posting Papa’s talks on the web. He is my spiritual father, I say most gratefully, and I would be very grateful to be able to download his talks from your link on my blackberry to have with me for the struggle. I have posted them on facebook so know that is okay with you from your site.

    Many thanks, Nicole in Texas

  2. doxalpha says:

    There was a time I knew I know nothing at all – but I keep forgetting…

  3. Mike says:

    Thank you for the link Peter. I didn’t know you had this fantastic site. So many great talks you’ve recorded. Now I can listen and (even watch them) without having to travel all over the GTA! Your hard work is appreciated. (I don’t trust Facebook either, deleted my account a few years ago).

    • Nicole says:

      I must say Ditto!!! Thank you, thank you…I am especially sad when I can’t travel to hear the Patristic speakers…You and Fr Luke on Long Island are the best posters of this material…Glory to God for your caring and efforts…And I too daily from moment to moment “keep forgetting…How wonderful a new comment popped up in my email to remind…

      Love in Christ,

      • doxalpha says:

        Thanks Nicole and Mike, I’m glad you like the site :).

        Nicole, if you can give me a link to where Fr Luke posts that would be greatly appreciated – I’d like to listen to it too and it’d be great if others can find it too :).

        FYI I’m planning to attend, God willing, a talk by Fr. Demetrios on November 15 and hope to post it soon after – less than a month away :).


  4. Nicole C says:

    Peter, my apologies since it looks like I did not reply here (thought I did)…I think I find you as Peter Pel on youtube and have been watching some of your videos that way…Fr Luke’s podcast function seemed to change and I lost it. He is at St. Paul in Hempstead NY…I used to get podcast notificiations but now no more! Are you still posting here? See the last one from May 2015…I am listening to Fr Peter Heers for the first time and am about to listen to Papa Demetri’s on the Divine Liturgy for a second time on youtube…Thanks so much for what you are doing!!! On both sites…and if you learn about Fr Luke, please let me know…It is a joy to see Papa D so happy with St. Nicholas in Hamilton…Best in Christ, Nicole from Texas

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