Question: What is the most important thing in one’s spiritual life?


Answer: To guard the peace in our hearts. Do not let this peace be disturbed at any cost. Peace should reign in our hearts – peace and silence.

Chaotic thoughts are the state of fallen spirits (demons, spirits who have fallen away from God). Our mind, however, must remain concentrated, whole and vigilant. God can only enter a mind that is whole…

Besides guarding the peace in your hearts, practice standing before the Lord. This means being unceasingly aware that we are standing in the presence of the Lord and that He is watching us all the time. We must learn to awake with the Lord and go to sleep with Him, and eat, work and walk with Him. The Lord is present everywhere in all things.

We can find the Kingdom of God within ourselves. “Descend into your heart and in it you will find the ladder which leads to the Kingdom of God,” says St. Isaac the Syrian.

The Holy Scriptures teach us that the Kingdom of God is … righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). The first step toward communion with God is to give oneself completely over to Him. After that, it is God’s energy that works in us.

Communion with God means that God has made His abode in us and that His energy is working in us. Our spirit puts on God and He governs all our feelings, our will, and our mind. We are then like a tool in His hands. He moves our thoughts, desires and feelings and directs our words and the work of our hands.
– Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica) pg 142-143


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